Free Education For B40 Communities

RM88,737 of RM300,000 raised

The Problem

  • Over 770,000 people lost their jobs this April due to Covid-19. Most of them were B40s.
  • By the end of this year, Malaysia’s rate of unemployment is expected to rise up to 7%.
  • This means more M40 families will fall into the B40 category in the next few months.


How will this impact you?

Without any intervention, this economic crisis will affect each of us individually in the long run.

Although we have shifted our focus to working and studying online, there are many B40s among us who have not had that same opportunity.

Why? Because their income can’t sustain them to learn new skills or take extra classes that will give them a better chance to thrive. It is too expensive to afford to upskill themselves.

Soon we may be left with a string of social issues in our society to battle with.

Do we want that to happen?

Educating them is the next rational step. If we don’t make free education for B40s an urgent movement now, a major part of our country’s society and the economy will be affected in the very near future.

Prevention is always better than cure. Our battle against Covid-19 may be easing up, but our fight against education inequality still continues.

The Solution

The only way to sustain this is by going online and making education 100% free for B40 communities. We want them to come out of this RMCO with the relevant skills to survive in this job market that is rapidly becoming digitalised. We’re doing this by offering them free online classes through our online learning platform.

For that to happen, we need the necessary funding. And here’s how you can help us.

The Impact

In case you didn’t know about SOLS 24/7, we have served and empowered more than 450,000 underserved students in the past 20 years through education programmes. Our transformative education initiatives have helped many of our students from B40 backgrounds grow into leaders today.

We started our online platform to offer free education with real teachers in April. And in less than 4 months, we have educated over 20,000 learners on our online learning platform! We are pursuing our mission with great urgency – and we’re rapidly growing!

100% of your donation will go to these 3 aspects which directly impact our B40 beneficiaries:

  1. To reach and target more B40 communities virtually
  2. Pay for the salary of our teachers
  3. Support the platform’s tech stack

Even a minimum contribution of RM10 can support one individual in Malaysia to learn online for free through our platform for a month and obtain an official certificate from us.

Update 1: 31st January 2021

Thank you to the 729 donors that helped us raise RM 56,704.07 by 31st January. We have extended our campaign and increased our target to RM300,000.00. We are determined to keep providing free education for Malaysia and to reach even more B40 communities that need access to quality online education during these tough times.


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RM88,737 of RM300,000 raised

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