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Rina Tham

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Rina Tham author of Journey of Rubber Tapper’s Daughter

My Journey

I came from a simple background as the 9th sibling out of 10 children. 

Mom was a rubber tapper and Dad was a mechanic in Lambak Estate, Kluang, Johor that was managed by the British. 

It was a tough but simple childhood, and there were happy times, too. Nowadays, I reflect on how tough times can mold us into strong, optimistic, spiritual adults. 

During my years of school, I worked very hard. Everyone was so kind and friendly. It was a sociable time for me, too, with the students, teachers, and headmistress. I look back fondly on my youth. I was given a chance to present myself at my very best during these times, whether in school or making sure the chores were done afterwards.

Rina Tham with EduNita ladies
Rina Tham with EduNita ladies

My privilege

It is a privilege to meet all young ladies at EduNita during my visit to SOLS 24/7 Foundation recently. 

I can see myself in them, when I was very young and naive with strong determination to conquer the world. This gives me a strong urge to be on their life journey. 

I donated 10 books to SOLS 24/7 to fundraise for these ladies’ wellbeing while they are studying at SOLS Academy. As part of my fundraising effort, we would like to raise RM100 for each book donated. 

Rina Tham signing her book for donation

My contribution

I would like to call for donations from all of you, families and friends, to be with me supporting these awesome ladies and SOLS 24/7. 

If you live with your heart open, fear becomes an adventure….

Leong Kok Kooi

10 July 2023

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Wolfgang H Trost

6 April 2023

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16 March 2023

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YC Kow

12 March 2023

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Anil Adenan

11 March 2023

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RM9,457 of RM9,999 raised

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