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Hi Everyone!

Who am I?

I’m Divyarani, the new CSR & Fundraising Professional Placement Trainee at SOLS 24/7. I’m a fresh graduate from The National University of Malaysia (UKM) majoring in Psychology. I’m from a B40 family where my father is a lorry driver and my mother runs a food stall since 2018. Before the year 2018, my mom was a housewife so our family fully depends only on my father’s income which is approximately RM 2500 per month. I’m also from a rural area of Negeri Sembilan State.

To be honest, I have faced a lot of difficulties during my childhood and school days like not having enough money to buy a new school uniform and stationaries. I have also used second-hand clothes, bags and shoes as well as books. I have been in the situation wearing baggy and loose socks with rubber ties. Since both my parents had no proper education, I never had access to the internet and computers. Even though I am from B40, I’m here today as a fresh grad from one of the top universities in Malaysia and being a part of SOLS 24/7.


Why I am here?

As a psychology graduate and a person who loves to help others, I’m here to tell you guys my short story on why I’m here. Even though I’m from B40 family, my parents managed to send me to school and provided me with better education. I can relate to fellow B40 community members facing hardship to get a proper and quality education, especially in the Orang Asli community. They are located very far away from the urban area and do not have access to basic necessities as others do.

As a youth of our nation and a human with a heart, I’m taking part to be a volunteer. I’m here to help them raise money for their education, changing their lives and their future. As the philosophy of Nelson Mandela, ‘“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

In this 21st century, can you all believe that there are still people in our country who do not have enough access to basic necessities? If no access to basic necessities then how about education and school? Yes! There are a lot of people, especially in our Orang Asli communities are facing difficulty to get an education.


They have been facing this problem for years and listening to their stories and struggles really makes me sad. With a maximum wage of RM 1500 per house and as a B40 community, they spent most of their income on petrol to get electricity, food and other basic items. They do not have enough money to send their kids to school and the distance between their housing area and school is also very far. Let’s clasp our hands together to help our future youths to get a better education!

How you can help me?

I need RM 1500 only to help them get a better and quality education for a better future!

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RM1,121 of RM1,500 raised

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