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My name is En Ning, and I am a Soft Skills Trainer and Instructional Designer at SOLS 24/7.

My very first project upon joining SOLS 24/7 was implementing the Solar Academy program to 17-year-old, vocational school boys in Indonesia. They committed to this online program because they believed the extra knowledge and skillsets that they would gain in solar PV energy, english, digital skills, and soft skills would give them better employment leverage and opportunities after graduation. These students were fortunate that their school provided a computer lab that allowed them to follow the online classes. Without the school’s facilities, they would not be able to complete the program because they did not have PCs, laptops, or enough internet bandwidth at home.

Now, I am delivering the Solar Academy programme to Malaysian B40 youth. These youth are provided with an academic scholarship for in-person classes because we know that they also don’t have the tools or environment to study from home, and that practical, hands-on training is most effective for these students.

Food&Bed Solar Academy -En Ning-Campaign

We are looking for sponsors to provide them with the basic needs of healthy meals, utilities and internet access. It will not only help them focus better in their studies and trainings, but also motivate them to thrive in the programme.

They all took a leap of faith to leave their kampungs and homes, to get a shot at stable employment after graduating from this 1-year program. They want to upskill themselves so that they can provide better financial support to their families. Some even struggled to gather enough money to make their trip to KL for the program. I teach these students, and I know they are incredibly determined to improve their lives through Solar Academy.

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Therefore, I hope that you will join me in this effort to support their journey toward building a brighter future for themselves. Let’s give them the strength and hope to succeed in their futures by making a donation!

Phaik Har Ng

17 November 2022

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Edmund Lim

12 November 2022

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Shen Wei Peh

31 October 2022

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30 October 2022

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Anthony Kwa

18 September 2022

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RM10,105 of RM10,000 raised

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